Next Generation Micro Grants

The New York DEC is pleased to offer educational micro grants for undergraduate and graduate students, as well as for recent graduates majoring in International Trade, International Business, Supply Chain Management, or belong to a student club with focus on international business.

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Through the fundraising efforts of the New York District Export Council (NYDEC), a next generation micro grant program (grant) has been developed.  It is a very exciting endeavor by NYDEC to foster an environment in the tri-state area that inspires undergraduates, graduates, and recent graduates to work in international trade. This, in turn, is intended to support talent education by key colleges and universities located in New York State and further grow our local economy.

The launch of the NYDEC Micro Grant Program will consist of grants between $100 to $500 offered in 2022 to help cover professional development expenses such as conference attendance and other networking and industry activities related to international business.  Applicants must be undergraduate and graduate students pursuing a major or minor in international trade, international business, supply chain management, or who participate in their school’s clubs, which are related to international trade.  Matriculating students from undergraduate and graduate programs and related clubs may apply until the maximum grant available for the year is utilized. 

The recipients will be notified in writing within two weeks from receipt of the application.   This is a great opportunity for the students to meet leaders in the tri-state area’s locally driven international industry and see the inner workings of a key government-supported export promotion program.

Deadline:  The earlier of two weeks prior to confirmation date needed for funding or December 31, 2022.

Criteria:  Applicants must:

1. Be an undergraduate or graduate student in an international major, minor or member of a club with focus on international business or a related field  (i.e., International Trade, International Business, Supply Chain Management)  

2.   Submit a complete and well-organized application to the NYDEC Professional Development Committee representatives:
            Andrea Ratay –
            Christine Pomeranz –

Application Review and Approval: Application to be received by Professional Development Committee (PDC). ​Current members A. Ratay and C. Pomeranz will receive and circulate to PDC members for review and vote. Approval in writing is required by one PDC member (sponsor) and NYDEC Chair. PDC to send their approval info to NYDEC Chair for signoff.

Tracking: PDC Chair to track grants and approvals, with annual maximum for disbursements to be capped at $2,500.


  1. In advance of event or activity – to vendor
  2. Reimbursement – to student, upon submission of relevant original receipt(s) to PDC

Disbursement form to be completed by PDC member (sponsor) and submitted to NYDEC Treasurer:

  • Date of approval:
  • Approved by:
  • Date PDC notified applicant
  • Amount
  • Purpose
  • Drawee information for check disbursement
    • Drawee name
    • Address
    • PDC reference number

Records Retention: All records will be kept by PDC Chair for seven years.